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Bailout Systems
Pushing the boundaries of human performance
| Inception of Bailout Systems

The reason Bailout Systems got started
After rock climbing at the Red River Gorge, an experience that resulted in a 90-foot fall and a 3-day coma, veteran climber Michael Ragsdale realized that current descent systems were not adequate for high-performance, industry-specific situations. This lack of purpose-built equipment became more apparent when Michael realized that many first responders are forced to use the same gear that had failed him. Michael set out to make rescue safer and more efficient by founding Bailout Systems. Established in 2015, Bailout systems began as a company developing fall safety solutions for the fire industry.

| Our Story & Timeline

As Bailout’s technology continued to evolve, Michael saw an opportunity to leverage his Military experience in team-building and established Bailout System’s Engineering and Product Development Division. This division is focused on bringing Bailout’s revolutionary technology to multiple industries. Always adhering to rigorous design standards, demanding specifications, and quality inspections, Michael and his team began to design the next evolution of fall safety. 

Today, Bailout Systems is an employee-owned, nationally recognized company that innovates life safety equipment with broad applications in rescue and other at-height scenarios. We proudly manufacture every Bailout Systems product in the USA. 

Our Timeline

2015 Company Formation: Bailout Systems LLC

2016 Initial Prototypes

2016_02 Manufacturing Partnership

2016_04 Market Validation / FDIC Conference

2016_12 Funding

2017 Technology Development

2019 Alpha Prototype / Customer Field Testing

2020 Beta Improvements

2020 Product Launch

| Our Expertise

Design, Develop, Market
These are the core values and processes within Bailout Systems. We are independently owned and managed, allowing us the flexibility to explore emerging markets, invest in advanced technology, and remain at the forefront of product innovation. 



Our research department integrates all aspects of product design: mechanical, textile, electronic, optic, and computing. Starting from the inception of an idea, the core user is paramount to everything we do. The reliability of our products, user safety, and product usability are continually evaluated with a strong focus on developing solutions that mitigate risk while enhancing user performance.


Prototyping provides an early opportunity to test and validate design intent without committing any significant investment. Our extensive in-house prototyping capabilities allow us to progress an initial sketch concept to a full production prototype. Our rigorous testing methodology enables validation of product reliability and user safety across multiple markets and environments. Our lab tests are complemented with field testing to ensure proper ergonomics and product reliability.



Our highly skilled manufacturing department is where our innovative ideas transform from raw material to finished goods. Using some of the latest high-speed CNC machines and advanced manufacturing strategies, Bailout Systems is ready and able to meet increasing demand as we continue to advance the level of technology within our products.

Meet the team
Founding Team

BEN KRUPP | VP of Engineering

HASKELL SIMPKINS | Director of Engineering

PATRICK HENKE | Director of Industrial Design

Advisory Board

GREGORY BELL | Operations
ERIK ZAMUDIO | Marketing

NANCY KOORS | Board Member, Chair

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Bailout Offices: 2900 Reading Rd Cincinnati OH. 45206

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